A Family-Owned Company Since 1983

In May 2023, Coyote Rock, LLC, a Texas based family-owned holding company with deep family ties to Arkansas, acquired The Hayden Group, Inc. from the Hayden family and established Premier Sand and Stone LLC (Premier). The mining operation of Premier near Sheridan, Arkansas sits on a nationally unique white quartz deposit mined for over 50 years. The Hayden family, through various entity names and partnerships had operated the mine since 1989. It has grown from its early days as a general landscape and construction materials provider into a producer of premium aggregates used by pool finish applicators, golf courses and sports/beach facilities throughout the United States. The brilliant white color and physical attributes of the Arkansas natural quartz places Premier Sand and Stone’s products among the most desirable in the U.S.


Established Hayden Gravel and Construction

First mining onsite

Pool pebble introduced

White line illustration of a 5-point star.

Introduction of Arkansas Premier White™ and various other golf course bunker sands

Premier Sand

First packing facility was open

White line illustration of packed boxes on a pallet.

Packing facility reopened, rebranded to The Hayden Group

The Hayden Group Inc.

Coyote Rock LLC acquired The Hayden Group, Inc. and established Premier Sand and Stone LLC

Premier Sand & Stone LLC

Coyote Rock LLC has invested heavily in the production capabilities of Premier to better serve its customers, meet market demands and improve safety and quality. Turf Materials, a Coyote Rock subsidiary focused on the golf and sports sand market, became the exclusive distributor of the Premier Sand™ product line. The addition of a high-capacity crusher substantially increased pool pebble and sand production resulting in the re-introduction of bulk pebble sales to the pool market. In late 2023, the company expanded its product offerings with the introduction of Premier Select™ golf sand and root-zone blending utilizing desirable mix amendments including COMAND®, Profile® and Dakota Peat®.

Today, Premier Sand and Stone continues to be a customer-focused aggregate producer that prides itself in offering high quality, sustainable products to the pool construction and golf/sports industries.

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