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Loading equipment dumps sand into a tractor trailer in a sand quarry.

Company Overview

Premier Sand & Stone LLC prides itself on manufacturing industry-leading sports sands, pool pebbles, and masonry sand. Our products, manufactured locally at our Arkansas-based quarry, are in high demand across the country. Premier Sand & Stone’s sands have been designed to meet the highest standards, while also addressing common issues faced by facility managers and superintendents such as drainage problems and ease of maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Rely on Premier Sand & Stone for high-quality manufactured, crushed quartz sand recommended for use on a wide variety of projects.

A conveyer is being used to sift sand into a piles of Premier sand products.

How We Make Our Products

At our 800-acre plant in Sheridan, AR, we mine quartz year-round. Once mined, our quartz goes through an extensive washing and screening operation, before being fed into our top-of-the line crushers. After going through the crushers, our final product is packaged, processed, and prepared for shipping. The secret to our success is attention to quality over quantity, as well as our quartz’s unique mineral properties. Learn more about how our products are made by reading our feature in Pit & Quarry Magazine.

The Turf Materials Family.


Premier Sand & Stone and its affiliated companies are proud to be family-owned and operated. We know what it means to take care of the ones you love and are always excited to work with both new and existing clients!

Coyote Rock LLC

Premier Sand & Stone is part of the Coyote Rock LLC umbrella of companies that provide the greater Southwestern region with material, hauling, and transportation services.

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